Team Leader
Team leaders act as camp counselors to the students. Throughout the week they lead a team of 5-6 students. Each day they serve alongside their students at two different service sites. They lead small group discussions with the team, help the team to get along with one another, and encourage them to look for God in everything they do. Team leaders stay the entire week (Sunday afternoon through Friday afternoon). Team leaders lead their group of students with patience, understanding, prayer, leadership and a fun attitude.

Evening Fun Leader
Evening fun leaders partner up with a team to support, get to know and encourage the students and leader of that team. Depending on your activities, evening fun leaders might lead the activities or just participate in the activities with the students. Evening fun leaders are welcome to also stay throughout the evening for the gathering and discussion. Time commitment can be flexible, ideally: Sunday afternoon & Monday-Thursday evening from 6-9 pm.

You are welcome to serve as a team leader or an evening fun leader. We will also have more ways for you to volunteer with food and other things as camp gets closer. Check back!

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