Middle School Ministry summer internships provide a unique opportunity to plan and facilitate a local summer camp, called Madison Missions. Madison Missions is a six-day local service camp. All the participants stay at a local church building during the week. Students come together as teams on Sunday and spend the next four days in teams of 6-7 serving with area organizations. In the evenings, teams gather for evening fun and then engage in a time of worship, teaching and God stories.

The vision of Madison Missions is to help students experience the power of serving others and being served as a response to the gospel. Our hope is that students grow in their understanding of Christ’s servant leadership expressed through His death and resurrection. We hope that students leave with a better understanding of both God’s love for them and the call on their life to serve others as a natural response to grace.

Through an internship with Madison Missions, interns will have significant opportunities to grow in coaching, confident leadership, and timely and effective problem solving. At Blackhawk, interns raise financial support which funds their salary throughout the internship.

Applications due by February 1, 2019.

How to apply
Go to the Blackhawk website to find more specifics about the intern program and to apply.

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